Pet of the Month

Pet of the Month: December 2019


Hello everyone,

My name is Shadow and I am December’s Pet of the Month here at Acre Hill Vet Clinic. I’ve been asked to share my story with all of you in hopes it will inspire others to take action and see their Veterinarian regularly.

I came into mom and dad’s life not too long ago, just shy of two months actually, and boy was I a mess. I was missing fur, underweight, my skin was itchy, and I had red spots and scabs all over. It was a challenge not to itch and scratch constantly but mom and dad knew what they had to do. A quick call and car ride later brought me face to face with the kind doctor at Acre Hill. On the exam table I was nervous but enjoyed all of the attention I was getting, especially all of the scratches and belly rubs as Dr. Stubblefield talked to mom and dad about what was causing my itch. Apparently, its call Demodex Mange, whatever that is, all I knew is that I was itchy and I wanted the itch to stop. After my first appointment with Dr. Stubblefield we went back home and started my new therapy to help rid my body of the itches. Bath time became a regular thing for a month as well as this dip stuff that smells absolutely horrible but guess what? I was losing my itches! My skin started to feel better, not look as red and irritated, and I could finally sleep through the night without waking myself up to scratch and bite at my skin. Dr. Stubblefield even gave me some beef flavored treats to help get rid of the parasites causing my itches from the inside as well.

After a while I started to come out of my shy little shell and I’ve started to blossom and really show my personality. Mom and Dad know I’m a smart girl, it only took me two days to learn how to use the doggy door, so teaching me to be a good girl in the house hasn’t been a problem. I don’t particularly care for balls or fetch toys, but give me a nice spot to sit and enjoy your company or take me on car rides and I am happy as can be. I also enjoy sitting on dad’s tractor while he is out working in the garage. I’ll sit there for hours just as content and quiet as I can be as he walks around and does whatever he needs to. Back in the house I have my very own recliner I can sit on, when dad isn’t sitting in it, but if he falls asleep in the recliner at night, I take the opportunity and curl into his spot on the bed beside mom. There are times when I can be a little bit of a brat, because I like to steal food from the counter when no one is looking. I even got mom’s glass baking dish, that had a super yummy cake in it, out to my favorite spot in the backyard without cracking, chipping, or busting the glass. Mom doesn’t know how I did it as I had to take it off the counter and then drag it through the doggy door before getting out into the yard. Besides the ninja like skills I have when it comes to people food, it’s been a great few months so far and I can’t see what lies in store this coming year.  

So, if you have the itches or anything out of the normal going on please see your local vet, they are here to help and take care of you as if you were one of their own.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your Pal,


Shadow before

This was me when I first came to mom and dad's house. You can see how I'm missing fur around my legs, belly, and rump, and how red my skin was.

Shadow After

This is me now, finishing up my last doctors appointment. I feel so much better and you can see how beautifully my fur has grown back in. Mom and Dad are so happy that I am no longer itchy and miserable.

Shadow Tractor

I love sitting on dads tractor while he works in his garage. He snapped several photos of me during this time because for three hours I never moved from my spot on his tractor.

Shadow Tractor 2

As you can see, it doesn't matter what dad is doing in the garage, I take up my spot on the tractor and keep an eye on him. This is obviously one of my favorite places to be.






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