Pet of the Month

Pet of the Month: February-March 2020

Nara Belle 2

Why hello there!

My name is Nara and I am Pet of the Month for the rest of February into March. I was quite excited to hear that I was going to be pet of the month as it was my first time visiting my new friends at Acre Hill, but Dr. Stubblefield feels I have a bright and encouraging story to tell. So, here is it goes…

I have been around my mommy ever since I can remember, honestly, I picked her above all others even though she originally had eyes for my brother. When we were about three months old mommy came in to see how my brother was doing when I decided enough was enough and sat on her shoes. As she looked down at me, I gave her the biggest puppy dog eyes ever and demanded her attention. Momma picked me up and they say the rest is history.

Three years later, Mom and I are still as close as can be! Currently I am certified as Mom’s E.S.A (Emotional Support Animal) and we are working on my public training and studying for my final test that will complete my certification. Between learning new skills and hitting the books, in my spare time I enjoy playing with my plushy green bone that I’ve had since I was a pup and snuggling up in mom’s blankets. I’m not a fan of those dog beds, but give me a blanket that smells like mom and I am all over it. Mom also calls me ‘Monster’ sometimes when I race through the house during one of my Zoomie moods, I guess its because of the facial expressions I make during the run. Either way, I make her laugh, and that’s all that matters. Also, I may not look like it, but I’m a picky eater. I prefer the wonderful taste of fish over that of, let’s say, Turkey. Every now and again I also have a stubborn streak where I won’t eat because I feel a change in my food is in order, mom gladly obliges. I love everyone one I meet and chase squirrels around the yard, but my favorite spot at the end of the day is curled up next to mom. 

So, if you need a great checkup, vaccine boosters, or you start to feel sickly, go visit my new friends at Acre Hill Vet Clinic.

Have a wonderful day and stay warm!

You pal,


Nara Belle


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